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Highly Qualified Super Targeted Traffic… Get your business in front of those people already searching for your products and services.


Using Proven SEO Strategies… Your business will rank higher than your competitors and you"ll get their customers!


Being On Page 1 of Google Will Bring You More Traffic, More Leads & More Customers…

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How It Works…
Step 1 – Connect

Let’s connect and discover the best way to get your business in front of MORE people

Step 2 – Analyse

We analyse your site, research the best and most profitable keywords and have a look at what your competitors are doing

Step 3 – Plan

We formulate an efficient and effective plan of attack to get YOUR SITE ranking FAST

Step 4 – Execute

Build, Build & Build Some More… We SEO Optimise Your Site, Then We Power It Up!

Step 5 – Success

We Stop Building POWER When You Can’t Handle Any More Traffic

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Because It Increases Traffic & Leads To Your Website…

In today’s world, search engines have become the gateway to all life’s queries and questions, whether you’re looking for a dentist, plumber, candlestick maker, or maybe you’re just pondering some of life’s deepest questions…

Chances are if you"re searching for a solution, you"re searching online, just like everybody else…

One of the major issues that many businesses are facing right now, is that they have a product or service that is awesome, something that really provides value and solves their customers’ needs, wants or desires…


..the problem is not being able to get in front of those potential customers that are in need of their awesome business solutions!

Is it any wonder why SO many businesses FAIL within a few years of starting…?

Not being on page 1 of Google is like having a store in the middle of the desert, no one will find you!

This is why the SEO Services we provide at Bouncy Media are so valuable.

We use advanced search engine marketing & SEO strategies to get our clients ranking on Page 1 of Google, so that people searching for answers to their problems, find OUR clients and buy their solutions.

Get found in Sydney Online.

Let us turn on the Google tap on your website, for a constant flow of highly targeted qualified leads – directly to your website and calling your phone.

There is another untapped source of local traffic that you can take advantage of… It’s something so obvious yet not many people are using it these days because of all the digital marketing methods available in Sydney, in New South Wales and really all over the world.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s Letterbox Distributions, yes, totally offline, old school Flyer Drops – They work like magic! Click here to view our Catalogue Delivery Sydney website.

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SEO Benefits.


We here at Bouncy Media our SEO Consultants help businesses in Sydney, we have a thorough understanding of how the Google search algorithm works, and we use this knowledge to get our clients websites to rank in Google so that your potential customers find YOU instead of your competitors.

Before you decide you want to contact us to help with your SEO marketing for your website optimization…

Just make sure that you are in a position to be able to handle more customers, more clients, more phone calls, and more enquirers, etc.

Allowing us to improve your Google search rankings will get your business in front of many more people that are searching for the things your company offers.

SEO Sydney  New South Wales

Local SEO Success

When your hire Search Engine Optimisation Consultants you can expect positive results.

Our Sydney SEO Experts have helped many businesses in Sydney achieve massive returns in their business.

SEO Companies are becoming more and more popular with businesses everywhere.

Large corporations also realize that traditional marketing just does not cut it. Even using things like Google Adwords, which allows you to target your ad to specific keywords is proving to be such a significant investment, with not a very favourable ROI in the long term.

Just think about it, when you do a Google search, do you often click on those “paid ads” that appear on page 1, or do you usually click on the organic search results (not an ad)?

With our SEO Services, it also lets you choose the keywords that you want to target (e.g. “Sydney Mobile Mechanic” or “Back Pain Sydney”) and gets your website showing up in the top of the organic results.

If you would like to find out how we can get your business a high ranking, just click on this link and fill out the discovery form.

By doing this, you will be giving us all the information we require to be able to give you the best possible service.

Once you fill out the discovery form, we will complete a FREE analysis of your website, and within the next few days put our findings together and give this information to you.

No obligation, just valuable information.

Bouncy Media Sydney SEO Agency also offer a range of services to help your business.

Such as… Mobile Website Optimization

Is your website mobile friendly?

Google has made changes recently which it now heavily favours those websites which are mobile optimised.

Meaning that if your website is hard to read on a mobile device, it is not liked by Google, and they will drop your rankings so low that it will be almost a miracle if people would find your business by using a search engine.

Website Design in Sydney

We will help you optimize your site so that it converts well.

Social Media Management for businesses in Sydney

Been wanting to capitalize on the social media movement?

However, don’t have time?

Alternatively, just not sure what to do?

That is ok.. we have got you covered.

Youtube SEO Sydney or Video SEO Sydney

Got a story to tell? Videos are HOT.

It has been on a sharp increase for years with no signs of slowing. Many people prefer video and businesses know this. Which is why ranking videos in Youtube, Vimeo and of course in Google wildly popular because it generates so much traffic.

We will take any video you have, even if it is already on Youtube, and we will apply SEO strategies to your videos and your channel so that you are getting tons of video views and engagement.

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Digital Marketing

Operating an online business will require time and effort. There are certain to be many things you must get completed each day to make the amount of income you want. Being able to get more traffic to your website is important for you to be successful. Knowing the ways to accomplish this goal is important for any virtual business.

Create Content

Sydney  New South Wales SEO Content Creation

Website SEO Content Creation

Writing articles and blog posts is an ideal way for you to get your website noticed. You will need to put a link in these that go to your web page to get the success you want. The content on your website is an important part of your local business branding.

It’s important for any content that you do create to be informative and well-written, or you may not get the readers you want to have. Take the time to provide information that is helpful and can be used to help make your readers’ lives easier. This is sure to help you get more traffic to your site.

Use Keywords

The placement of keywords throughout your web page and any content you create is paramount to getting the right amount of traffic to your site. These keywords should be strategically placed and planned out to assist you with getting the results that you want.

It’s ideal to use only use the keywords of your choosing sporadically throughout your content to avoid it looking too stuffed. Take the time to think keyword placement through well to ensure your content gets noticed and not the keywords.

Use Social Media

These day’s people are online and checking out the latest updates on any products or services that you may offer. Social media can be your best friend when it comes to helping you get more traffic to your business and is by far one of the most used ways online to assist businesses in growing.

Consider adding a Facebook page that represents your website well and provides information that any potential buyers will want to know. This could include some of the products you have for sale or the services you’re providing. Take the time to add posts routinely to assist you in attracting more customers.

Additionally, Twitter is an ideal way to send out updates and alert your potential and current customers to all of the items you’re offering for sale.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is by far the most effective way to get the traffic you want to your website. This will employ a variety of methods, including some of the ones listed above to aid your business in achieving the success you want.

It’s ideal to rely on a person who is an expert in this field who knows all of the right methods for helping you get your virtual business to where you want it to be.

You can have success with your online business when you take the time to know what to do. It’s important to get the Internet surfers to your website, and then you will have the chance of making a sale!

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Don"t take my word for it

“Mark is an asset to any business. He’s always on point and gets things done effectively and efficiently. I find myself curious to hear what he has to say because I absorb something new each time. Mark is great at what he does you will definitely want him to be on your team.”

Jeff Greene

“Mark is exceptional. He"s always 2 steps ahead and gets things done! His SEO knowledge is supreme. If you want to be ranking at the top Mark is the guy to get you there.”

Bryan Johnson

“Mark is not only a highly motivated and intelligent professional but also an inspiring strategist. It"s been a real pleasure working together with Mark. Mark is a detail-oriented SEO Consultant, understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise.”

Chris Lewis

“Mark is one of the best SEO expert you can ever work with when it comes to getting your website on the page 1 of Google. i highly recommend him for your SEO needs!”

Rose B.

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